Educational Programme - International

The international programme is designed with a mix of online studies, individual preparation, online and face-to-face courses.

The first of the two courses of this first programme will take place online due to uncertainties about which international travel restrictions still apply. It will thereupon be decided whether the second course will take place face-to-face or online.

Please download the programme flyer.

Programme structure:

1) Completion of an e-learning course (Access will be available approx. 3 weeks before the first course)
2) Two face-to–face / virtual courses of 2-3 days duration each with approximately 3-6 months interval.
3) Online examination: Must be completed at the latest one month after completion of 2nd course.
4) Submission of five case studies at the latest one year after successful examination.
5) Participation in two wound conferences at the latest one year after successful examination. The recommendation is to attend as a minimum one conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA Conference) and one other national or international wound conference).

The fellowship must be re-certified in 4 years.



The cost of the whole programme per participant is EUR 2,900.

For registration please contact the EAFWH secretariat at  

The programme has a maximum group size of 20 participants.

Companies engaged in wound management will have the opportunity to sponsor the programme and or support the participation of participants. For further information please contact the EAFWH secretariat.


1st Course: 14-16 January 2022 (online course)

2nd Course: Dates will be announced at a later stage.





CME: The EAFWH international programme will apply to the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) for CME accreditation, which is expected to be granted.