Programme structure

Wound healing education programmes organised by the EAFWH and based on the UEMS approved curriculum will be held in Germany, Romania and France in 2020. The programme is designed with a mix of online  studies, individual preparation and face-to-face courses.


Programme structure:

1) Completion of an e-learning course (Link available six weeks before face-to-face 

2) Two face-to–face courses of 2 days duration each with approximately 2-3 months interval.

3) Online examination: Must be completed at the latest one month after completion of the 2nd face-to-face course.

4) Submission of five case studies at the latest one year after successful examination.

5) Participation in two wound conferences (one conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) and one national wound conference) at the latest one year after examination.


Re-certification must take place after 4 years.


With regard to the education programme in Germany please note that this is organised in cooperation with the “Initiative Chronische Wunde” (ICW) and follows a slightly different programme structure. For more information about this please read more here.