Full programme includes: 

E-learning module, 1st and 2nd course (2 days each), submission of 5 case reports, participation in two wound care conferences and examination.

  • Each of the 2-day courses runs 12.00-17.00 on Friday, 8.00-15.00 on Saturday
  • Location, university or hospital
  • Maximum 20 participants. Teaching done by small group of 4-5 board members and native speakers
  • Included in both 2-day courses: Friday evening dinner for students and faculty, coffee breaks, lunch Saturday, water etc.
  • Programmes will over the first 1-2 years be offered in countries covered by current board members:
    Germany, Netherlands, Romania, France, Sweden/Scandinavia. Thereupon other countries will considered.  

The education comprises altogether 80 hours which will consist of direct teaching, e-learning activities, documented medical activities in the field and active participation in different national and international scientific events (the inclusion of one conference of the European Wound  Management Association (EWMA) is recommended).

The education ends with an e-graduation and a case report review / presentation. The title must be re-certified in 4 years. The programmes are performed in either English, or the national language of the country where the education takes place.