Welcome to the European Association of Fellows in Wound Healing


The European Association of Fellows in Wound Healing (EAFWH) society was founded on the 5 September 2017.
It is a European non-profit society, which offers MDs in all European countries the education to become Fellow in Wound Healing according to the European training regulations of the UEMS Thematic Federation Wound Healing. This makes the EAFWH unique in Europe. If wound healing in Europe in the future becomes an official medical specialisation by EU law the EAFWH fulfils all requirements to offer this specialisation to the medical community.
Driven by the EU and the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS), certification and recertification of medical specialists across Europe is increasingly gaining momentum.
While wound healing is not a recognised medical speciality the formal creation in 2016 by the UEMS of the Thematic Federation on Wound Healing is a first step towards more recognition.
Certification and recertification of physicians engaged in wound healing will be based on a UEMS approved curriculum and provided by a UEMS recognised entity, which is proposed to take the form of a not for profit society / association.
In 2015, a wound healing curriculum was developed by the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) under the coordination of Prof. Dr Robert Strohal and endorsed by the UEMS dermatology section. This curriculum has now been adjusted and adapted to the European Training Requirements (ETR) standards which has been approved and accredited by the UEMS Thematic Federation on Wound Healing on October 20th 2018 in Brussels. Please find the curriculum HERE.

The decision about how many CME to provide for each element of the training programme is taken by EACCME independently from the curriculum approved by the UEMS MJC-WH. Any discrepancy between the curriculum and the EACCME approval will be adjusted in a future update of the curriculum.

This development provides the background for the foundation of the European Association of Fellows in Wound Healing (EAFWH) as a non-profit international and interdisciplinary association for physicians and residents in medicine, who are active in the medical field of „management of acute and chronic wounds“.

Aim and Objectives of the Society

(1) The society aims to support and develop the medical field of the “Management of Acute and Chronic Wounds”.

(2) The major objective of the Society will be the performance of a regular series of educational courses in the countries of the EU and the EEA.

(3) The graduation title awarded by the Society is “European Fellow of Wound Healing”

(4) Next to the educational courses, any measures, such as the organisation of congresses and research activities, are possible. Notably, these measures have to serve the charitable preamble of the Society and/or improve the important wound healing field of medicine for the community as a whole and for the affected patients.